E-Commerce Website Online Store – is it worth starting to sell online?

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E-Commerce Website Online Store – is it worth starting to sell online?

E-Commerce market – facts

The Irish e-commerce market is characterized by one of the largest increases on a global scale.
Revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$3,092m in 2020. Irish ecommerce sales forecast to hit €3.8bn by 2024.

The percentage of Internet users buying online is growing more and more dynamically every year.  The three most important elements that influence Internet users’ decisions about choosing the place to buy online have not changed drastically – they are still an attractive product price, low shipping costs and previous positive experiences. The attractive price of the product, as the most important element when choosing, was indicated by 45% of online buyers.

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E-commerce Online Store – unlimited possibilities
As you can see, the e-commerce market is experiencing its boom both on a global scale. Unlimited possibilities with relatively easy availability make the offer of companies and people selling their products and services online even more beneficial for all buyers. Companies are constantly outdoing their offer, trying to reach and acquire a potential customer. As a result, the quality of the services offered and the quality of the products sold increase – and all this in order to keep the previously acquired customer with them.

The Online Store is an opportunity to appear on the market previously unavailable – we can reach and offer our offer both on the local market (I mean – Irish market) and on the international (global) market.
Due to the fact that the possibility of opening an online store is easier than ever before, competition on the market – it is also much greater.

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Internet sales – is it worth it?

Regardless of whether you are already on the market and have your own stationary store or are just a person who is just starting out – has an idea or opportunities, undoubtedly the possibility of selling via the Internet gives huge opportunities to reach a huge number of recipients – potential customers.

My story from while ago

“During the upcoming” Black Friday “day, when most stores offer attractive prices or sell out their products – I decided to go to one of the larger stores offering electronics and computer equipment. I decided to buy the product, not counting on a great discount. I spent over an hour in the store – wandering between the regiments with a lot of products around that I didn’t care about at all – looking for the one I came for especially – which I dedicated my time to. A mass of people wandering like hypnotized or zombies – side by side in search of something that is overpriced, because it may someday come in handy, and between them sad and tired sellers – who are there to help, advise, but they don’t have the strength and energy – noise, fluorescent light which after a few minutes of action makes a person want to escape and never return. After an hour of wandering and searching – after talking to a sad seller – I had to give up – the product was not – at least not the one I was looking for and others at a very unattractive price. Tired of an hour of wandering in hard to live conditions, I returned home – I sat down in front of the computer – and after about 10 minutes I had the product I ordered, which I wanted to buy with home delivery – at a much lower price than the one I went for. After two days, the courier knocked on my door handing the package with an additional gift in the form of a discount for future purchases. “

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I am aware that my story – my experience with the above mentioned store does not apply to all buyers, but it is confirmed by statistics saying that the percentage of people buying online is growing at a rapid pace, that the ease of finding products and buying them becomes very competitive for all stationary stores.
Therefore, if you have not made a decision yet or with a small financial and time effort to start selling online – check out our attractive offer – we will help you and build your wonderful online store.

We offer professional ecommerce web design / e-commerce web design services in Ireland. We can build your unique online store using best tools and implementing latest trends. We are studio 369 Web Design Cork

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