Web Design – Why do you need a modern website for 2020

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Why do you need a modern website / web design for 2020

Why is it so important to have modern website | use professional web design services?

Technology and the internet has developed a lot since the last 20 years, Before people would use golden pages, different books and other types of ways like that to search for products and services. Well now times have changed and websites became a more popular way to look for something. Having your own website gives you the ability to showcase your products and services as much as you can. Give different opinions about certain matters, and much more. Your website is the first good impression for your business. Pretty much a large percentage of people now search for websites, in fact according to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store.

How many people use websites?

In 2016 around 64% of people used websites for their firms and businesses, It said that it should have risen to 94% by 2019, During those years the percentage of people who got websites really increased.

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4 reasons to get a website:

  1. Reaching the global world – A website can help you reach customers around the world, this can make an increase in your clients, because more and more people can find you.
  2. Times changed- These days more people are buying things online instead of buying in shops, A large percent of you are probably thinking “I need to buy a shop to sell my products” “But I have no money” “Oh no what should I do” There’s no need for that just get yourself a website, it will definitely attract more customers for your products, In fact, in 2018 it was estimated that 1.8 billion people worldwide go shopping online instead of just going to the shop.
  3. Low Cost- Websites are actually the cheapest way to start your business up and going, When compared to other advertising techniques it’s really the most inexpensive way to go
  4. Attraction is the start- Websites give you the chance to explore different styles and looks for your web. Good designing can attract customers, because it’s a good first impression. People are more than likely to buy something that looks nice than bad, the point I’m trying to give here is that customers or clients will probably stay longer on a website or even buy or use something from it because it has an attractive design.


The conclusion:

Overall everything points to websites, If you want to get more clients, develop your marketing, sell more products etc, Just invest in a web designer that will create a great and astonishing website for your business. It’s inexpensive and will definitely make your business jump into success and fame.

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