What is UX – user experience in web design and why is it so important?

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What is UXuser experience in web design and why is it so important?

For several years, we can increasingly meet the term UX. UX literally means “user experience” but it’s a very general approach to the topic. The main task of UX is to create websites and applications that will and will attract and focus the attention of users, as well as trigger specific behaviours. There are many elements to these impressions e.g the layout of individual elements on the site, a clear interface, the right amount of content and their layout, intuitive navigation, and even the speed of the page. We can talk about a good UX when the website works efficiently, is comfortable to use, functional and aesthetic and leaves a positive impression.


UXplanning your marketing strategy

Well-structured and analysed customer experiences have an important impact on the creation, development and websites, and more importantly – on his success on the market among the mass of competing products.

As internet users, we are becoming more and more demanding. Often the first seconds decide whether we will stay on the page longer or maybe leave it right away. When, after opening a given site, our eyes appear outdated layout, a wall of illegible text, bright colours or scattered photos, our impression at best is not positive.


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UX quality is difficult to measure and describe. It can be tested on users by collecting their opinions, e.g. by means of satisfaction surveys. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth ensuring the quality of the website so that it enjoys the interest of users and provides them with satisfaction.

In order for UXuser experience quality to be high, it is worth paying attention to several elements of the site. They are, among others:

  • Trends and conventions – users are used to certain specific conventions. The logo is usually located on the left or in the middle, the menu on the right, the first item on the menu is the “main page”, one of the last is the contact, etc. It is difficult to propose another layout that would be surprising, unusual and intuitive. In addition, websites should respond to current trends.
  • Clear interface and order – after entering the page, the user must easily guess where the particular element is, what to click, when to scroll down the page, and when to go to a separate tab. If the interface is legible, the risk of a user making a mistake decreases and at the same time the  satisfaction increases. In addition, the information on the site must be properly sorted and ordered. The site must not create a clutter.
  • The quality of a content and the layout of content – hardly deters you more than a block of long text. The content on the site should be presented briefly, matter-of-fact and catchily. So that the user can easily find information that interests him. The content must also be placed in appropriate sequences, divided by legible headers.
  • Efficient, quick operation – is one of the most important elements that affect user satisfaction. This applies to both the loading speed of the entire page and its individual elements, e.g. graphics, animations or transitions.


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